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iTranslate for iPad – a huge success








Our new product iTranslate for iPad is a huge success on the AppStore. Only a few hours after the launch we dominated nearly every country rankings.

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Sonico Mobile: iTranslate/Plus v3.2.2

The new version of iTranslate/Plus provides great new features: iTranslate supports Text-To-Speech with 43 voices for 17 languages! The quality of the voices is great (state of the art).

It is also possible to speed control your voice, so if it is too fast you can slow it down e.g. if you want iTranslate to read your news ;-). The voices also provide funny emotions.

Each voice is 1,99$/1,59€ and they are downloaded separately. So iTranslate 3.2.2 has a basic footprint of 8,9 MB.

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Understanding Mobile Phone Situated Sustainability/GreenIT

greenitPositive effects of GreenIT for your company?


GreenIT international

Mobile Sustainability

Server Based Computing/Thin Clients

Save Energy

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Qype Radar 2.2 for iPhone: New Look + Features

This was the biggest update of Qype Radar ever made (and it was a lot of work :-)):


  • New look: sharp black colour scheme; classy new icons; larger place images; and a cleaner, sharper interface.
  • Improved maps means you can plot your position and locate your search results all without leaving Qype Radar.
  • Better/faster geolocation (City, Street, Housenumber)
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[Music-Quiz release];

The iPod Music-Quiz. Now on your iPhone!original

Music-Quiz is a fun and simple music quiz game that works just like the game you know and love from your iPod.

How does it work?
Music-Quiz plays a random song of your mediathek and you need to choose the correct answer from 5 possible answers. In our global Highscore list you can even challenge people from all over the world!

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[iTranslate release];

iTranslate is a simple application that translates a word or even a whole sentence in up to 16 languages. Its based on the Google Translate API.

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[SudokuCracker release];

Unser erstes IPhone-Programm ging heute online. Es handelt sich um einen SudokuCracker, der in der Lage ist jedes Sudoku-Rätsel zu lösen.

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