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Appengine – Efficiently delete data with MapReduce

The new method: The new (easier) way is to delete data is the builtin datastore-admin.

The traditional mapreduce method: The mapreduce-technique won’t affect the latency of your application, but be careful with your quotas. You can also filter out entities you don’t want to delete in the clearmodel.process method.

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iTranslate for iPad – a huge success








Our new product iTranslate for iPad is a huge success on the AppStore. Only a few hours after the launch we dominated nearly every country rankings.

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Trivia: A nice article about Sonico Mobile

Loquendo Vocal Technology and Services

The developers at Sonico Mobile are experts on the iPhone & iPad platforms, and have created several applications for the iPhone including iTranslate, Music-Quiz and Qype Radar. Their products have seen over 5 million downloads from the Apple App Store, and over 1 million people are using their apps on a regular basis. For more

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WWDC 2010 in San Francisco

Sonico Mobile is going to attend the World Wide Developers conference in San Francisco. We are looking forward to meet a lot of iPhone developers and Apple engineers from all over the world.
I Just had a look at the Sessions & Labs section. They provide a lot of useful informations about new techniques and frameworks of iPhone OS 4.0. I hope that we can take a look at some new products like the iPhone 4th generation or something :-D.

The center of the app universe

Just for fun – our iPad unboxing video :-)

Early iPad adopters

If you are an early adopter of the iPad, you get this error when accessing the App Store on the device .. “The App Store is not supported in this country”

The solution is a little work around, but not difficult.

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Sonico Mobile got 2 iPads for development

We ordered two iPads from US for development. Programming on simulator and on a device are two very different animals. With the simulator alone you cannot check the performance and user experience very well .. so this is the beginning of real iPad development.


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